Time To Clean House Before Being Prosecuted?

It appears the self proclaimed Ormskirk Vigilante Paul Ponting has been on a bit of a cleaning mission following his conviction of a section 4 public disorder against a 16 year old boy.

Paul Ponting Ormskirk - Danoli Solutions Ormskirk - Best Mate a Police Officer
Paul Ponting Ormskirk – Danoli Solutions Ormskirk – Admits His Best Mate is a Police Officer, wonder what Lancashire Police this about this? Who is this Police Officer, is he actively providing information to help Mr Ponting, best friends look out for one another don’t they?
Paul Ponting Ormskirk - Danoli Solutions Ormskirk
Paul Ponting Ormskirk from Danoli Solutions Ormskirk slating the Police, even though his best mate is an officer. Mr Ponting seems to think all the “decent” ones stay as constables, does this mean his best mate is a constable?

Mr Ponting has been deleting hundreds of posts on his Facebook page ( like the ones above and below ) that were publicly shared. Mr Ponting has used the social network to spread his lies and malicious agenda for several years. Days after Mr Pontings conviction he shut down his Facebook account and his Danoli Solutions business page. Now after several weeks his Facebook account is once again active ( 1 of several accounts Mr Pontings runs as personal accounts, more to follow on this shortly ) but it is missing years worth of malicious posts Mr Ponting has made.

Why the sudden removal of all those posts about people? Why would Mr Ponting feel the need to remove hundreds of posts? Hmmm we think we have a good idea why and hopefully will be able to disclose this further in the coming weeks but for now you will be glad to hear we have been provided many of these malicious posts Paul Ponting and his wife Anna Ponting made over the last year or two.

As we have mentioned before we have been contacted by a number of different people who sadly have been a victim of Mr Pontings abuse and they have sadly had to keep records of the online abuse they have suffered over he years. Several have already been in touch with us here and have offered to provide the evidence of abuse they have collected and we are glad to say we will be making most of it public in the coming weeks ( possibly even months as there seems quite a lot to go through ). There will be some information we are not allowed to share due to the many ongoing cases against Mr Ponting but we still have plenty to make available once we have gone through it all 🙂

It’s about time people started to stand up to this poor excuse of a man, by sharing your experiences publicly it gives us all a much louder voice. Paul Ponting has upset and continues to upset a lot of people, if we all stand together and share our experiences online and with the local media we will drown out this one man band of hatred.

We need to ensure everything we do is of a legal manner and can be backed up by facts. We feel its only a matter of time before Paul Ponting is finally brought to justice via the courts.

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