Paul Ponting & Anna Ponting of Danoli Solutions LTD

This is a video of Paul Ponting and his wife Anna Ponting, the two Danoli Solutions LTD directors that we found online. The video is an argument between a number of people in what looks to be a car park. Paul and Anna Ponting are in the Danoli Solutions LTD computer repairs van, the signage can be clearly read in the video.

From what little we have gathered it seems to be between Paul Ponting, Anna Ponting and their former employee Paul Turner and his associate.

The reason we have shared the link to this video which is freely available online is so that you can see a very different side to Mr Ponting and his wife who have claimed many times to be victims and in fear of their lives, as you can see in the video they seem very comfortable to have a screaming argument in public and are very aggressive in their nature. This is not what they portray to the public on their websites. Mr Ponting can be seen screaming and swearing and even at one point making claims he offered to meet Mr Turner for a fight and that Mr Turner “shit out” as Mr Ponting angrily puts it. Mr Ponting contradicts himself here as he has said on numerous occasions on his hate filled websites that he lives in fear of Mr Turner, the video here seems to show a very different story, even Mr Pontings wife Anna Ponting can be heard making threats to Mr Turner saying “just you wait Paul, just you wait”!

As we have also shared on this blog Mr Ponting seems no stranger to accepting violence as and acceptable course of action, he has openly called people out online, bating them at times to take action, he has a history of taking the law into his own hands, even urging others to become a vigilante like himself! This video clearly shows the man he claims to be in the public eye is very different to how he acts on the street. As you may know Paul Ponting was recently convicted of a section 4 public order offence against a 16 year old boy, that incident also resulted in a fight and Mr Ponting being involved in a scuffle with numerous people! Mr Ponting clearly has no fear and seems at ease when it comes to fighting!

Check out the video below and make your own mind up.

Paul Ponting & Anna Ponting of Danoli Solutions Ormskirk

We are not sure of what the outcome of this confrontation was in the video, we have also seen an edited version by Mr Ponting that can be found on his public YouTube channel. That video is only a few seconds long but Mr Ponting gives an essay of a description for the few second clip. The video Mr Ponting shares looks to have been taken by Anna Ponting his wife, the lady seen shouting threats, as you can see in the video above she is also filming the argument herself.

If you have any videos to share, stories or comments get in touch with us via the contact form, all correspondence is treated with the utmost respect and privacy. We will never share your details with anyone unless required to do so by law.

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