DMCA takedown request

This image of Mr Paul Ponting can be found freely online, it is the same image Paul Ponting posed for with numerous online media publications including the Liverpool Echo, The Daily Mail and the Southport Visitor.

We received a DMCA takedown request last week which was submitted by someone claiming to be Paul Ponting. A DMCA takedown request is:

DMCA Takedown is: When content is removed from a website at the request of the owner of the content or the owner of the copyright of the content. It is a well established, accepted, internet standard followed by website owners and internet service providers.

The request was for this website to remove an image of Paul Ponting and the claim was it was from his Facebook account. The image in question was this one:

Paul Ponting from Danoli Solutions Ormskirk
Paul Ponting from Danoli Solutions Ormskirk

This image of Mr Paul Ponting can be found freely online, it is the same image Paul Ponting posed for with numerous online media publications including the Liverpool Echo, The Daily Mail and the Southport Visitor. Mr Ponting also has many other images online from newspapers that he has openly posed for, including this one with The Champion, this one also with The Champion, this one with Q-Local.

Mr Ponting is no stranger to the limelight and seems to enjoy contacting the papers each time he needs to further his agenda. It is Mr Ponting who has plastered his face all over the internet and local media not us.

Thankfully Mr Pontings appeal to have his images removed from this blog were denied but we just wanted to let people know anything we share here is public knowledge including all the public information on the websites Paul Ponting maintains about his victims.

Mr Ponting seems to enjoy posting images of others on his hate filled websites yet he does not like his own image posted on websites that don’t suit his agenda.

6 thoughts on “DMCA takedown request”

  1. Are you to scared to name yourselves? You target this man but hide behind a website. It is obvious you are intending to harass him. It is only a matter of time before your cowardly actions are stopped. If you fully accept what you are doing is legal, then say your name?


  2. Mr Ponting how can you claim this website is harassing? Are we not reporting actual facts? You should understand this more than anyone as you run many websites yourself, do you feel they are not of a harassing nature? You have targeted over 40 different people so far on your websites, you share their images, their private information, private emails, phone numbers and personal IP addresses. You obviously think this course of action is acceptable and legal or you would not do it so why do you have a problem with us reporting news about your conviction against a child and sharing public images of you that you posed for with the local and national media?

    Sadly Mr Ponting you seem deluded in thinking that everything you do is fine and perfectly acceptable but should anyone write anything about you online then this is harassment and against the law. You need to grow up Sir and start acting like a responsible adult and accept the consequences of your actions. We all have a voice and this blog has helped other victims come forward to speak up and share their experiences. We are gathering information from victims of your online abuse and hopefully this blog will just be the beginning. Together we will hopefully secure a much more severe sentence for you in the not to distant future through the proper legal channels.

    You also left another comment claiming this blog was run by them which we have not allowed to be posted. You were naming that person and calling them a child abuser. We will not print this person’s name.

    Considering all the issues you have had yourself in this regard it’s very surprising you would resort to calling others this and making these very slanderous allegations.

    Your IP has been logged which is a Plusnet IP address, from Ormskirk with the L39 postcode and the comment has been saved for evidence should the Police request this information from us in the future.

    You use the term “tick tock” on numerous comments and posts, well Mr Ponting the clock is ticking for you and I’m sure its only a matter of time before you face the courts and the Police again very soon and hopefully this time you will be receiving a much tougher sentence and your victims can start to move on from this awful ordeal.


    1. And yet here you are not adding your full name and using a fake email address… are you really that stupid? I can only assume you are Mr Ponting based on the limited intelligence you have shown with your comment and the fact your IP address originates from Ormskirk.


  3. If you are in fact Mr Ponting and would like this blog taken down feel free to let us know. If you remove all of your blogs and stop harassing all the people you do we will happily comply with your request and shut this blog down.


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