Paul Pontings Long List Of Hate Websites

Not all of the emails we get here are of a threatening nature like the one we got last week claiming to be from Paul Ponting. Thankfully not everyone wants to “terminate” us for speaking up! 

Paul Ponting from Danoli Solutions Ormskirk

Not all of the emails we get here are of a threatening nature like the one we got last week claiming to be from Paul Ponting. Thankfully not everyone wants to “terminate” us for speaking up!


We have had a surprising response from people who also claim to be victims of Paul Ponting and they have shared some websites that Paul Ponting allegedly runs. We have carried out a little research and from what we can gather their claims are valid, it does appear Paul Ponting does in fact run these websites targeting many different people online with what can only be described in our opinion as a harassment ( designed to cause alarm and distress) and hate campaigns! – This is a Facebook group ran by Mr Ponting which is designed to highlight his problems with Lancashire Police. Notice the URL, this type of URL would normally be used by the actual Police force but Mr Ponting seems to have acquired it and now uses it to tell the public about how he feels the Police have let him down. He also uses this page to tell the public about his dispute with his former employee Paul Turner who is accused of running this blog with a threatening email here. You can read more about his apparent obsession with Mr Turner below. is one of Paul Pontings websites that he uses to let the world know who “pisses him off”. Mr Ponting maintains this website with posts about disputes he has had with people mainly online. He attacks a number of people on this website, some of the names include:

Neil Wilkes

Darren Hogan

George Vella

Joel Rodwell

Colin Crawford

Hugh Abercrombie

Paul Turner

Rob Ware

This website is updated regularly with posts and updates about the different disputes Mr Ponting has with these people. Some of the allegations he makes against them are harassment ( he needs to look up the word Irony ), threats to kill, arson, pedophillia accustations, theft, more threats to kill, more pedophilla accustations he makes against others, stalking, threats to bite his nose off, homophobic allegations, restraining orders and more! We can’t understand why so many people seem to target this man, he is extremely unlucky for some reason, why would so many people target this nice, respectable family man as he claims to be? – This is another website Paul Ponting runs and maintains on a daily/weekly basis. This website seems to be even more hate filled than the others in our opinion with all sorts of allegations. We genuinely cannot understand how this website is allowed to be online, it attacks a lot of people including Judges, Magistrates, Police Commissionaires, Police Officers, Ex-Footballers, Rape Victims, Tradesmen and the normal joe public he mentions on other websites and his Facebook pages.

Some of the stories on this website are hard to believe and his one sided, anger fueled rants are nothing short of harassment in our opinion. We have forwarded this website to the Police and to the local judges involved in Mr Pontings case, Paul Ponting even accuses the judges involved in convicting him of a section 4 public order offence of being on drugs!


Throughout this hate filled website Paul Ponting shares his very one sided views on a number of different issues he has with the people mentioned on it. Mr Ponting claims he has been let down by Lancashire Police, Merseyside Police, Wolverhampton Police, West Midlands Police, Cumbria Police, Ormskirk Police and a few others. Mr Ponting claims there have been cover ups, malicious arrests, malpractice, data breaches, assaults by Police, slander, defamation, sexual abuse, threats, and many other different allegations against the many different officers and forces. We ask again how does this innocent and respectful family man have so many issues with so many different officers and Police forces?

Some of the people Paul Ponting targets on this website are:

Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy

Joel Rodwell

Smooth Law Solicitors 

Carol Howard of the IPOC

Kerry Briggs of Lancashire Police

Carmen Whittle of Lancashire Police

DS Monk of Lancashire Police

DS Langton of Lancashire Police

Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw

Kathryn Lawcock of the IPCC

Susan Ennis Merseyside Police

Special Branch Division DC Sean Cloherty

Chief Superintendent Jayne Meir of West Midlands Police

Inspector Jolly of Lancashire Police

Chief Constable Andy Rhodes of Lancashire Police

Paul Turner of Skelmersdale his former employee is mentioned numerous times throughout the website is is claimed to be the whole reason for the websites being online and maintained

DC Harrison

Neil Wilkes

Darren Hogan

Hugh Abercrombie

Superintendent Eddie Thistlethwaite

Ex Lancashire Police Inspector Charlie Cox

Paul Valentine West Midlands Police

Zelda Worthington – Andy Woodwards Partner

Andy Woodward Former Professional Footballer – Abuse Victim – Over 10 posts directed at causing alarm and distress towards Andy Woodward

Slater & Gordon ( Andy Woodward instructed Slater & Gordon to act on his behalf, Mr Ponting went on to leave them numerous bad reviews online )

Detective Inspector Martin Melvin

Sgt Darren Carr of Lancashire Police

DC McTear of Cumbria PSD

Sgt Stephen Eckersley of Lancashire Police

PS Jo Daley Lancashire Police

PS Carl Lloyd of Lancashire Police

DCI Lee Schofield of Merseyside Police

Detective Inspector Damian Barrow of Lancashire

Superintendent Jenny Gomery of Professional Standards

DCI Ian Whitehead of Lancashire Police

PC Hayes Lancashire Police

PC Ford of Merseyside Police

We could be here all day adding the many different people on that website! These are all officers that Mr Ponting has actually had issues with over the last few years! This self respectable businessman who runs a little computer repair shop in Ormskirk has had problems with all those officers and all those people! He maintains this website with their public and sometimes private images and his one sided hate filled accusations and rants which are designed to cause alarm and distress to all those mentioned. Wikipedia claims:

A person is guilty of an harassment offence if he/she:

(a) uses threatening [or abusive] words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or
(b) displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening [or abusive]

Read through that website and his others and tell us how on earth this man has not been prosecuted for harassment? This is a clear failing on the Polices part in our opinion! Mr Ponting seems to have an ally though in the local MP Rosie Cooper, check out these posts:

Mr Ponting has also asked his followers numerous times to write letters to Rosie Cooper and help him in his fight against what he claims is Police corruption, from all those officers and forces that are wrong… and it appears Rosie Cooper does not mind in helping and sending letters on Mr Pontings behalf. Obviously we don’t know all the facts, we can only report on how we see things but to us this looks like its Mr Ponting who is causing problems to all these people involved! We have Googled Mr Pontings name and cannot find any blogs that target him, no facebook posts, no websites, no images. It’s all just one way traffic, Mr Ponting attacking many different people and claiming to be the victim with all of them. It’s all very one sided and there seems to be only one person causing all this trouble and keeping it going. Its almost like he enjoys the constant drama… – This is another website Mr Ponting is credited with running. Dicks Driving. With this website Mr Ponting shares peoples cars, vans and registration details and alleges they have broken the law while driving. Mr Ponting offers them a chance to have their details removed from this website in the form of a nice little £100 donation! – This is another website run my Paul Ponting, this one is dedicated to his former employee Paul Turner. This website has been maintained since 2010 it appears when the first post was added. From what we can gather Mr Turner worked for Paul & Anna Ponting at Danoli Solutions LTD in Ormskirk for a few years. They parted company in 2013 when it looks like Mr Turner was sacked. Again we don’t have all the facts with this but it appears they had a falling out and Mr Ponting makes claims that Mr Turner made threats to kill his wife and children and was served with a harassment warning. He also makes other claims throughout the website which are:

Paul Turner was stalking him

Paul Turner was trying to ruin his business

Paul Turner contacted his customers

Paul Turner was making late night phone calls to his home

Paul Turner is a racist

Paul Turner is a Police informer ( see his ukcorruptpolice website above )

Paul Turner made allegations about him being a pedophile

Paul Turner was harassing him by sharing videos online ( again the Irony is clear here but not to him )

Paul Turner made false allegations to health and safety inspectors

Paul Turner claims Mr Ponting has mental issues

Paul Turner made more death threats in a video ( Mr Turner shared a video online although the link that was sent to us was from another account )

Mr Turner tried to pass fake companies off as Mr Pontings companies

There are over 85 posts on this website dedicated to Paul Ponting making allegations against Mr Turner. Its clear to us looking at this website and the fact that was allegedly setup because of Paul Turner that Paul Pointing has a very clear and unhealthy obsession towards Mr Turner. Ask yourself this question, how many people do you know that act the way Paul Ponting does through these websites?

He claims it is a fight for justice but do these posts sound like this is his agenda? Really? Do these posts on all of these websites sound like someone who is even acting rationally?

Mr Ponting also runs a Twitter page @UKCorruptPolice and a Pinterest page which can both be found from his website on the right colomn.

We have been sent a number of screenshots from Paul Pontings Facebook page that has been disabled or offline since Mr Ponting was convicted of a section 4 public disorder offence against a 16 year old child. If that page is made live again we will add our findings here as we will be able to verify them but as you can already guess from reading all the above they present some very disturbing reading at times!

If you would like to contact us and share your story please do so using the contact form, again as mentioned previously we have received 1 email of a threatening nature which sounds like it was meant for Paul Turner and meant to look like it was from Paul Ponting. The email appears like it may be genuine from what little facts we have gathered. This will be kept as evidence and will be forwarded on to the Police or Mr Turner should they wish to contact us for a copy. We would also recommend all the people mentioned on this blog get together for a possible group litigation case against Mr Ponting, you can read more about that here at Slater & Gordon. Here is what this involves:

“Group actions are becoming far more regularly used in the UK as they are a way for individuals with similar complaints to join together against the wrongdoer and avoid pitfalls that can be associated with individuals having to make their own separate claim each time. In short they offer strength in numbers and a saving on legal costs. ”

We think its well worth looking into at least, just look at the sheer number of people Mr Ponting continues to attack online!






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