Interesting email from someone claiming to be Paul Ponting

Someone using the IP sent a nasty and threatening email via this websites contact form yesterday evening. The IP appears to be from a German proxy as you can see here.

The person who sent the email is claiming to be none other than the vigilante from Ormskirk, Paul Ponting.

We are unable to verify this but who ever sent it was using a proxy so obviously does not want to be known or is scared of the repercussions for making these types of threats. They also seem to know his business email address ( Paul Ponting runs a computer repair shop in Ormskirk, we have redacted the work email as it may be genuine ) and they also name the 16 year old boy Paul Ponting received a section 4 public disorder offence for last week! Again we have redacted the young boys name to avoid any legal issues as Mr Ponting is due to be sentenced on May 3rd.

The other person to note in this email is a guy called Paul Turner who Mr Ponting runs numerous websites about, just Google his name. From what we can gather there are about 3 websites all run by Mr Paul Ponting that are dedicated to Paul Turner, Lancashire and Merseyside Police and a few other people Mr Ponting has issues with! If the sender is in fact Paul Ponting then this would explain how he knew the young boy’s name, it would also explain the use of an email that looks like it may be a genuine one from his local computer shop in Ormskirk and the other points mentioned about Paul Turner who Mr Ponting is constantly writing about online on his websites. We were not aware of the child’s name but after doing some Googling and looking up some Facebook posts on this page here it appears the name mentioned in the email could be correct as someone on that page is claiming to be the child’s father and confirms the ordeal his son has been through!

It could be genuine or it could be someone trying to make Mr Ponting look worse than he already does but who ever it is seems to know Paul Pontings business email, the child’s name and all about Mr Pontings former employee Paul Turner. Either way the full email will be kept for the Police should they need it and should Mr Turner want to get in touch for a copy as the threats seem to be directed towards him he may be able to pursue legal action against Mr Ponting.

As mentioned in a previous post Mr Ponting who runs the Twitter account UKCorruptPolice posted a very scary image, see below:

UKCorruptPolice (@UKCorruptPolice)

Note this image above has been changed to another post now, it has been edited to retweet someone else’s post on April 1st. Now why would he do this? Why not just delete the post? Because its actually easier to to find deleted Tweets… ask Donald Trump 😀

It looks like Mr Ponting may have seen our website, read the post about him making threats here and advising people to become vigilantes and to take the law into their own hands and then on another Tweet using language like “kill this bastards” with a link to a video or picture…

Either way we do not know for sure, we simply print the facts we have at hand. Stay tuned for any new developments and please check out the links mentioned in our post.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are going to contact us please do so in a legal manner as any threats will be passed on to the Police.

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