Ormskirk Vigilante Paul Ponting

Paul Ponting seems to be no stranger to taking the law into his own hands and is a self proclaimed vigilante. 

UKCorruptPolice (@UKCorruptPolice) Paul Ponting

Paul Ponting seems to be no stranger to taking the law into his own hands and is a self proclaimed vigilante.


Last week Paul Ponting successfully chased down suspected thieves who Mr Ponting claims had stolen some tools from outside his property.

Mr Ponting seemingly has not fear and chased the suspects in a hot pursuit throughout the the town where he lives in Ormskirk.

After a tense 30 minute chase Mr Ponting managed to pull over the thieves who he was following on his bike and confronted the 3 men in the van. Mr Ponting filmed the whole ordeal on his helmet camera and also shared it on his UKcorruptPolice website here.

You may wonder why Mr Ponting did not just call the police and report this apparent crime? Well as we have already mentioned Mr Ponting fancies himself as a bit of a vigilante and also encourages other people do the same!

UKCorruptPolice (@UKCorruptPolice)UKCorruptPolice (@UKCorruptPolice)paulponting

Obviously this is not something that we would recommend, the police are trained to deal with these types of incidents and sadly they dont always work out as they appear to have for Mr Ponting although not all of Mr Pontings vigilante exploits have had the same result. Mr Ponting is due to be sentenced on May 3rd for a Section 4 Public Order Offence involving a 16y old child whom he apparently held a vendetta against. You can read up more about that here.

The other worrying thing about the tweets from Mr Ponting above is the one that he made that shows him tweeting “Kill this bastards”! The image or video Mr Ponting was referring to in this tweet is no longer viewable but that sounds like a very serious statement to make to his 1000+ followers  and is clearly inciting violence. It seems the 3 men who Mr Ponting claim stole his goods may have gotten off lightly with just a warning from him! Who knows what he is capable of?

Mr Pontings ordeal also featured in the local Ormskirk paper QLocal and their website and they share the images of the suspects of Mr Pontings allegations.


Stay tuned for the outcome of Mr Pontings court case and any other local news.

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